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KPMG Ignition North: Exploring Innovation and Transformation

Updated: Apr 18

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of business, the need for innovation and digital transformation has become imperative. I recently had the privilege of attending the grand opening of KPMG Ignition North in Manchester, a hub designed to spark innovation, facilitate collaboration, and drive lasting change in the face of disruptive times.

A Vision for Transformation:

KPMG Ignition is a testament to the belief that successful organizations are those that can adapt with foresight, agility, and speed. The opening of Ignition North reinforces KPMG's commitment to helping businesses navigate and thrive in our rapidly changing world. By bringing together insights, people, and technology, KPMG Ignition aims to build a future where digital is at the heart of every successful enterprise.

The Three Pillars of Ignition: Insight, People, and Technology:

KPMG Ignition recognizes that digital transformation is not solely about technology—it's about the synergy of human insight, experience, and cutting-edge technology. The center provides access to subject matter experts and the latest technological advancements from KPMG and its alliance partners. This holistic approach ensures that organizations can seize opportunities in an era characterized by disruptive change.

Accelerating Ideation and Design:

In a time of uncertainty, the speed at which businesses operate becomes crucial. KPMG Ignition enables organizations to achieve their goals in a matter of weeks, days, or even hours. The innovative methods, tools, and environments offered by Ignition are designed to help frame and solve problems rapidly, ensuring that critical conversations are not sacrificed in the pursuit of powerful and lasting outputs.

Tech-Enabled Co-Creation:

KPMG Ignition leverages sophisticated data analytics and a range of technology capabilities, including data science, data visualization, analytics, artificial intelligence, and product engineering. This enables the delivery of digitally-enabled, modern solutions, fostering a culture of continuous innovation.

Collaborative Environments:

Whether in-person, virtual, or a hybrid model, KPMG Ignition creates environments that work for diverse teams, promoting powerful co-creation. The physical and online spaces are designed to facilitate organic collaboration, ensuring that ideas flow seamlessly and transformative solutions emerge.

Ignition Services:

From horizon-scanning to solution building, KPMG Ignition offers five key experiences—Discovery, Immersion, Breakthrough, U-Collaborate, and Sprint. These experiences encapsulate the thinking, conversations, and tangible work required to deliver real, sustainable change.

Global Network with a Local Perspective:

The launch of Ignition North in Manchester expands KPMG's footprint, joining the global network of Ignition centers. These centers provide a flexible physical environment that fosters innovation, supporting clients and colleagues across all sectors and markets.

In conclusion, my visit to KPMG Ignition North left me inspired by the potential for transformative change in the business world. The commitment to collaboration, innovation, and the seamless integration of human expertise with cutting-edge technology positions KPMG Ignition as a key player in shaping the future of successful organizations. As businesses strive to adapt and thrive in a digital-first era, KPMG Ignition stands as a beacon of insight, people, and technology working in harmony to drive lasting change.

Sam and KPMG Team at their offices
Sam with the team from KPMG Ignition Manchester.

You can find out more about Ignition Manchester and contact them directly via there website HERE

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