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Talkin 'Bout Regeneration

Updated: 5 days ago

A Day of Inspiration at Downtown In Business Annual Regeneration Conference 2024.

I had the pleasure of attending Downtown In Business's third annual 'Talking 'Bout Regeneration' conference at the luxurious Lowry Hotel in Manchester. It's such a stunning venue that I knew it was going to be a day filled with insightful discussions, inspirational speakers, and great networking opportunities so despite the early start I was really looking forward to it!

The ambiance of the Lowry Hotel set the perfect tone for the event, and the hospitality, including the delicious food, exceeded expectations. As I mingled with over 100 delegates, I did my best Anneka Rice impression and interviews some of the diverse attendees (check out my "Who are Ya?" interview with renowned filmmaker Michael Wolf of United Wolves Productions for DIB Here.

Sam with Michael Wolf CEO of United Wolves Productions.

The conference kicked off with engaging contributions from local authority executives and business leaders from across the property industry. It was clear from the outset that the focus of the day was on the importance of building strong and effective public-private sector partnerships for successful regeneration.

The Chief Executives from Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, and Wolverhampton City Councils shared their visions for development opportunities in their respective areas, while also addressing the economic and financial challenges they face. Their optimism was contagious, and it was inspiring to hear about the potential for growth and innovation in our cities.

Jessica Bowles, the Strategic Policy Director for Bruntwood, and Phil Mayall, Managing Director of Muse, provided valuable insights from the property sector's perspective. Their expertise shed light on the opportunities and challenges within the industry, offering valuable lessons for attendees.

The conference also featured thought-provoking discussions on social value and place-making, led by ex-England football international Trevor Steven and former adviser to Paddy Ashdown and Bob Geldof, Jo Philips. Their perspectives added depth to the conversation, emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive and vibrant communities.

One of the highlights of the day was hearing from distinguished political figures such as Salford city mayor Paul Dennett and West Yorkshire regional mayor Tracy Brabin. Their ambitious plans for their regions left us feeling hopeful for the future, as they emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving positive change.

However, the true stars of the conference were the inspirational speakers who shared their personal journeys and insights. I was particularly moved by Kenny Bruce, the co-founder of Purple Bricks and owner of Larne Football Club. His story of entrepreneurship and resilience resonated with me deeply, reminding me of the power of determination and vision in achieving success.

Another memorable moment was meeting Tracy Brabin, the former soap star turned Mayor, who has become a fantastic advocate for West Yorkshire. Her passion for her community and dedication to making a difference were truly inspiring.

Overall, the Downtown In Business Annual Regeneration Conference was a day to remember. It was a privilege to be surrounded by so many talented and passionate individuals, all committed to shaping a brighter future for our cities and communities. I left the conference feeling motivated and energized, ready to contribute to the ongoing regeneration efforts in my own way. Here's to strong partnerships and a brighter future ahead! Check out the video of the day from Downtown In Business YouTube Here

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