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Current Projects

I am fortunate enough to work with a variety of individuals and businesses and I am old enough to have learnt the importance of acting genuinely and with authenticity.  Part of this is only aligning myself with people and organisations who value and share integrity.


Confident in my ability to add significant value to a wide variety of organisations, collaborating on strategic growth plans and aiding with their practical execution, means working closely and having trust in colleges, hence  I only supply my services/give my time, to those who will benefit and whose ideas/businesses will benefit others . 


Take a look below at some of the organisations I collaborate with and details of my own passion projects! Please don't hesitate to reach out if I can help you in any way/introduce you to any of my co-collaborators.

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As part of the Gold Consultancy Package, over an FTC of three months, I worked with the client to expand on the initial business plan (including full Social Media Set up, Website, and pitch deck re design) more than quadrupling their target market/audience. Via strategic introductions I was also able to help facilitate beneficial partnerships for this client, enabling significant and accelerated growth.


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For a one off fee or as part of the Gold Consultancy Collaboration Package, I will come to your event and interview 5-10 people, gathering authentic testimonials/audio and visual content for you to utilise in your own marketing strategy.


Check this out under Collaboration, Media & PR Services.


Creatives Cohort

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I host 2-3 events per month for the Creatives Cohort - a training company aimed towards small/independent businesses, start ups and those with an interest in Personal and Professional Development. Providing affordable training and development opportunities both online and in person, I facilitate events and recommend speakers for this Non Profit Organisation.

If you are a professional and would like to speak at/collaborate on a future event, contact me for a chat!

Stable Balance - Pilates

On a personal note and as a passion/side project I am working toward my Pilates Mat Level 3 Teaching qualifications.


As part of this I currently run free online and in person classes, if you are interested in learning more please do check out my Youtube Channel StableBalance.

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