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Be your authentic self as that's who you spend the most time with

I'm passionate about collaboration, building meaningful connections, being my authentic self and empowering others to do the same.


Excelling at fostering genuine relationships and creating valuable collaboration opportunities. Bringing diverse individuals together for common goals is a natural inclination. Going beyond surface-level connections to enhance engagement and foster a sense of community, (as with the Local Leaders Podcast) is something that gives me immense satisfaction.


As does supporting others, hence my involvement with the Creatives Cohort. Working with businesses, brands and individuals to elevate their online presence and brand image via strategic planning; utilising a variety of resources in my toolkit including SMM elevation and facilitating introductions to relevant individuals/organisations.


Adept at representing the interests of others/the ability to establish strong public relations, I offer significant value to individuals, brands & businesses with my Consultancy Services. 


Having a BAHons in Event Management and an extensive background in Hospitality, I take great satisfaction crafting impactful experiences /events, that unite stakeholders and foster collaboration, ensuring every detail resonates with purpose.


My USP is my ability to clearly identify the Value Proposition. Steering individuals and organisations toward unprecedented growth.


Sam x

Sam Gent

Sam collecting  an award with IWG Founder Mark Dixon
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