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Hey there, I'm Sam, with my passion for collaboration, let me walk you through what I do:


Consultancy Services

Having owned and managed a variety of businesses over the past 20 years I understand what goes into creating success. I have seen what works and what fails, and learned that predominately it comes down to people. Hence, I selectively only partner with businesses, Individuals and organisations committed to fostering trust, integrity and collaboration.

Offering tailored guidance and practical strategies based on your needs, requirements and goals. From helping you craft the perfect growth strategy to facilitating and hosting events that offer exposure, valuable networking opportunities and more. Working with a limited number of clients, providing a personalised support every step of the way.


My consultancy services are available on a long or short term basis, this is to ensure best value to my clients; Start-Ups can choose to access support for a 4-12 week launch period, where I will work with them to set up their business, and larger organisations will benefit in time/costs savings from the outsourcing of their Marketing, PR, Events Co-ordination.

Book a FREE Consultancy Session HERE - no obligation (hard sells make me cringe;-)

A couple of other things I am involved with/am happy to get you involved with.... 

Local Leaders Podcast

Along with my lovely Co-Host Mollie, the Local Leaders Podcast, aims to showcase the incredible, interesting and diverse stories of those making a difference in their communities. From grassroots activists to innovative business owners, we dive deep into their journeys, inspiring others to take action and get involved in their own communities.

Creatives Cohort

Helping others gives me immense satisfaction. love sharing knowledge and bringing together others with expertise, hence my involvement with the Creatives Cohort. Guest Speaking and Hosting training sessions, tailored towards helping start-ups (independent businesses, brands and entrepreneurs) to thrive.

"Together, these organisations form a cohesive ecosystem that fosters collaboration,

innovation, and community engagement."

Let's unlock your full potential together! Contact me today to enquire about any of the above.

Areas of Expertise

Events Mangement

With a specialised degree in Events Management from UCLAN, my proficiency extends across a broad spectrum of hospitality events, encompassing live artist performances, festivals, awards ceremonies, workshops, and tailored business gatherings.


Employing a hands-on approach and a sharp business acumen, I excel in crafting tailored and seamless events that facilitate natural introductions and networking opportunities, while also ensuring vibrant entertainment and engaging experiences. 


Whether orchestrating a high-profile event, curating an immersive experience or designing a tailor made workshop/training session, my expertise ensures that each event is executed with finesse, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Sparkling Wine At A Special Event


Working on laptop

As a versatile communicator, I seamlessly transition between in-person networking and digital media platforms, fostering connections and creating opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. My proficiency in social media marketing and content creation enables me to enhance visibility and engagement, amplifying brand awareness and reaching wider audiences.


Moreover, I excel in crafting strategic marketing and sales strategies that drive growth and success. Whether through targeted advertising, event coordination, or content creation, I have a proven track record of delivering impactful results.


My ability to translate complex ideas into compelling narratives extends to various mediums.  By leveraging dynamic formats, I effectively convey messages that resonate with diverse audiences. My skill set extends across various sectors, allowing me to provide valuable advice to businesses looking to grow and thrive.


My passion for Partnerships stems from my firsthand experience, having delved into the intricacies of the franchise business model during my tenure as a Business Consultant for Subway UK. Witnessing its dynamic nature from within, I developed a profound admiration for the resilience and scalability inherent in partnerships and franchising. 


Since my Subway days as a Business Consultant, I've actively contributed to the setup of both Independent and Branded franchises/partnerships, leveraging my insights to guide and support aspiring entrepreneurs. A significant highlight of my franchising journey was being among the first pioneers to launch the IWG Plc/Regus Franchise in the UK. Disrupting the Flex-space market and "changing the world of work".


This experience not only underscored my commitment to fostering business growth but also positioned me at the forefront of innovative franchising ventures, solidifying my dedication to collaboration.

Sam with IWG Colleagues at an expo


My extensive property experience encompasses a diverse range of roles, including managing  numerous commercial redevelopment and refurbishment projects. 


I also worked with the Royal Voluntary Service for a number of years, overseeing their Northern UK estate.I navigated the complexities of commercial leases within NHS hospitals and health boards across Scotland, overseeing the Charity's hospitality and retail sites, along with managing the dispersal of their ACVs, including community along with their regional offices. 


Additionally, my involvement with IWG plc involved sourcing buildings and providing strategic advice on their conversion into flexible workspaces, collaborating closely with partners to enhance the adaptability and maximise the ROI of these spaces. 

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