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Inspiring Last Day with Downtown in Business Changemakers Live Conference #CML24

Updated: Apr 22

As the curtains close on yet another fantastic event hosted by Downtown in Business, I find myself filled with inspiration and gratitude.

The Changemakers Live Conference #CML24 was nothing short of exceptional, boasting a lineup of stellar exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers who shared invaluable insights and ideas.

Attendees engaged with thought-provoking discussions and explored innovative solutions to pressing issues. Among the highlights was Jo Phillips, whose wealth of experience in journalism, politics, and crisis management left a lasting impression on all who attended.

All the Panels were very informative, and it was obvious every speaker has a passion for what they do. The call to action from House of Wisdom and contributions from Catapult, whose pioneering work exemplifies the spirit of change/innovation, were inspiring for anyone in the room.

Not to be overlooked, it was great to hear from and catch up with the the sponsors and exhibitors, including the socially conscious architects BPD, the dynamic team at Wild Thang. Sophie, fresh of a flight from Amsterdam (having been there with Hybrid Tech students!) and the communication experts at Base Communications, led by the lovely Josh.

Special recognition is also due to Mutual Credit Services, spearheading the Local Loop initiative in the Northwest, and the visionary founders of Tom and Dil, along with David Matthews from Indie Management Consultants, who showcased their expertise in tackling late payments and driving positive change in the business landscape #onestowatch!

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire Downtown in Business team for orchestrating yet another brilliant event. Their dedication and hard work have consistently delivered informative and engaging experiences, fostering meaningful connections and driving progress in our business community 💯🫶

As I say goodby to one great experience, I am excited for the next. But first, a well-deserved week of rest and relaxation.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and/or tuned to my blog at for updates on what I’m up to next.

Until then, here's to embracing change and shaping a brighter future together! 🥂

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