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Lancashire Leaders Property Lunch

Updated: 13 hours ago

Downtown In Business Lancashire Property Leaders Lunch Was at the Tickled Trout Hotel Preston. A great location for any property progressional in the North West, being very easily accessible via motorway. Along with a great location, Frank, Downtowns CEO has an incredible knack of bringing the right people together and today was no exception.

With a stellar panel that is more usually found in the metro City's, Frank managed to tempt Tim Heatley, British property developer and co-founder of Capital & Centric, along with Phil Marsden for national developer Muse and not forgetting Story Homes and the lovely John Winstanley. Also in attendance on the Panel was Paul Foster, Labour Group & Council Leader at South Ribble Borough Council.

The conversation was interesting and informative, TBH a breath of fresh air having Paul in the room after all the "happy clappy" positivity we have been having in every other Lancashire meeting surrounding the Devolution Deal. Not that he/any of the panel were negative about the County's ambition, only they didn't feel it was great enough - sentiments I hold myself. It was just reassuring to hear some dialogue that isn't as rose tinted and a little more realistic regarding the potential outcomes/impacts..

Anyway enough musings from me, as always a great event with Downtown in Business and a great event for Lancashire! Some super connections made and a lovely lunch, what more could a girl wish for. I'm already looking forward to organising the next one! Check out DIBs website for what they have coming up Here.

Sam x

Four men and one woman stood for photograph - speakers and sponsor of event

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